Infographic: Do Vegans Really Exist?

You consider yourself a pretty good vegan. You avoid all animal products like the plague — all animal products that you know of, anyway. This handy illustration shows all the places that animal products are hiding, and some of the products would be hard to live without. Were any vegans out there aware of the cattle products in film, glass, or matches?

via GOOD

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    • Nic

      What would we do without cows….

    • jesse.anne.o

      Most of the vegans I know, know this. It’s nearly impossible to be 100% vegan. But I also think this argument is used to throw the baby out with the bathwater. It’s nearly impossible to be 100% vegan but you can do a pretty significant job of with the things you actively control it if you just pay attention.

    • Heather

      It’s not impossible to be 100% vegan. I am! I read every label to make sure I’m not consuming any animal product. I read the ingredients on my shampoos and conditioners.. I make sure it states vegan. I don’t use film, I use my compact flash cards. There are vegan/vegetarian versions of everything out there!!

    • Edward Cummings

      could some of the non animal sources be made from genetically modified plants and/or bacteria and made from fossal fuels which are runing out supposedlly? (Im dyslexic so I apologise about spelling)