Organic Batter Blaster: Real Pancakes, From a Can?

Today, That’s Fit brought a disconcerting product to our attention: the Organic Batter Blaster. It’s ready-to-make, organic pancake batter stored in a cheez-whiz container for the mornings you’re too lazy to cook a real breakfast. You just squirt the mixture onto a skillet, and you’ve got yourself some pancakes. Did we mention it’s organic?

That’s Fit determined that the ingredients are generally wholesome, and the mixture could be a good substitute for homemade pancake batter. We’re not convinced. Not even the organic ingredients are enough to convince us that pancakes-in-a-can are a good idea. What do you think?

via That’s Fit

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    • lee

      Tried it, organic or not, this crap is foul. The can taunted me from the shelf until my morbid curiousity got the better of me and I guiltily snuck it through the self checkout one day. (I imagine people who buy spam have similar feelings.) The end result was a substandard pancake batter that burned way to easily compared to regular batter and tasted like accelerant.

      bon appetit!

    • wmm

      I’ve got to say I was skeptical, but as a mom who scrambles to find time to make anything much more complex than a pop-tart for her kids in the morning, I was more than willing to give it a try.
      Does it taste like a Bisquick pancake? No, but it doesn’t have all the trans-fat and artificial crap either. Does it taste like a made-from-scratch pancake? No, but it’s certainly not “foul,” and the kids like it just the same as anything else they’ve had.
      I don’t have any clean-up beyond the skillet and spatula. There’s nothing in the batter that’s going to cause my kids to sprout extra limbs. With the cheez-whiz delivery method, I can spell out my kids’ names in pancake batter. I can throw the can back in the fridge for later use instead of dumping the unused portion. It’s easy to throw in some bananas or blueberries after squirting the batter in the skillet.
      Is it gourmet? Not even close. Is it an easy, quick, relatively healthy win for a busy mom? Yes. So it’s in my fridge.

    • angela

      I agree Lee…It was crap! and I wanted it to be half way decent but it wasn’t. I did like the Idea of it very easy and quick ,so if they should ever improve it …I shall try it again lol