Eco-Friendly Menstruation 101: 10 Products to Green Your Period

Many a gynecologist has told us that menstruation is a blessing, not a curse, but no matter how “natural” it is, we’re not always so optimistic. For the most part, we tolerate our flow more than we embrace it. Nonetheless, there are a few things we can do to take the pain out of our periods. Unfortunately, some of those things — like bleached tampons, plastic pantyliners and the occasional plastic-wrapped chocolate binge — are not so kind to the environment.

We found 10 products to help you eco-fy your menses (that don’t involve becoming a hermit in the forest for one week every month):

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    • Edwin

      Since we’re so health-conscious about our own body, eating right and exercising regularly, chances are we also care a great deal about our effect on the planet.

    • Kris

      As a diva cup user for the past 2 years I would highly recommend giving them a shot. Admittedly they’re not for the squeamish, but if you’re comfortable with your body they make ‘that time of the month’ significantly less stressful (because, unlike tampons you don’t have to worry about tss). Also, though they’re initially a bit spendy, the long term cost is much less than having to buy packs of pads and tampons. I’m 20 years old, been using my for the past 2 years and I’ll never go back to tampons. It really is an amazing thing.

    • APB

      I too love my DivaCup- and I’m surprised I don’t see them mentioned in more of the “green” publications! I’ve been using it for several years now and I agree w/ Kris- they aren’t for the squeamish, but I love being able to go out without carrying a pocket full of protection. I can just go into the bathroom, empty, wipe and re-place and I’m ready to go for a few more hours. On low flow days I just rinse it out twice daily in the shower. I was going through a box (or more) of Tampax a month, so my diva cup was amorized within a few months! I’m no longer hostage to Procter and Gamble. I highly recommend the DivaCup- get the word out!

    • Karren

      So I am not a tampon user. Would like to hear if anyone has use the organic pads and what they thought about them.

      • Heather

        I am not a tampon user either. Many of the women in my family, myself included, love the cloth pads they make at Party In My Pants. Not sure if it will let me post their url, but here’s a try If not, it doesn’t take much googling to find them.