Thanksgiving-In-a-Can: 10 Completely Processed Holiday Foods You Don’t Want on Your Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is so much work. We actually have to cook things. Who the hell are we, Mark Bittman? Lucky for us, we can get everything we need for Turkey Day from a box, can, or bag. Some of these so-called foods don’t even need to be microwaved! Which means we’ll have lots of extra time to trash-talk the Broadway performers in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. And if you’ve ever wondered how that giant Garfield balloon got so fat, we’ve got four words for you: Stuffing in a can.

Check out our gallery of ten food finds to learn how to celebrate a 100% processed, pre-packaged Thanksgiving holiday. And then do the opposite.

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    • Amber

      cool im getting that for thanksgiving next year