Holiday Baking: 10 Politically Correct Cookie Cutters That Won’t Offend Anyone

It’s finally December, and you can pull out your jar of cookie cutters and get to work on lots of little treats for the office, but beware: The religious implications of your holiday baking could offend. Friends, co-workers, and family may not share your penchance for Star of David shortbreads or Christmas Tree linzers, but you still need to put some cookies out at your politically correct holiday party, so we found a few cookie cutters that are sure to please all guests equally (that is, if your baking doesn’t suck).

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    • LeaAnn Maldonado

      If people are offended by “religious” symbols, why do they observe holidays at all? They’re morons. Sex cookie cutters are inappropriate for holiday faire, but I wouldn’t cry over it. I say Merry Christmas. If you don’t like it , get over it or go into hiding during the holidays.

    • TJB

      I am offended by this article and the advice it is giving.

    • Pat Winship

      I , too, am offended by this! If people from other religions are offended by our holiday traditions then why do they all want to move to our country ? It does not bother me to know that other religions celebrate in their own way. BUT this is theUSA and this is Christmas here. If someone is offended by that–oh well. Oh and Merry Christmas to them!!!

    • Michelle

      Really guys, it’s just cookies. I’ll make Jesus shaped cookies for my religious friends so that we can really partake of the body of Christ, haha!

    • Michelle

      Also, Star Wars shaped cookies are awesome.

    • mark

      Really, if you are offended by Christmas, your problems are monumental. I would not wish to be or associate with such mean-spirited, miserable, petty people.

    • Cristin

      Jesus did not suffer and die on the cross for political correctness, as far as I can tell. As a christian, I walk in love and don’t judge others by their choices on what to believe and how to live. Jesus loves us all the same. Christmas is a time of joy, peace and love. I share this in many ways, including through baking Christmas cookies. Most are not even related to the true meaning of Christmas…i.e. Christmas Trees, snowmen, wreaths, etc. And some, like stars and angels are. I can’t imagine that anyone, after trying one of these delectable treats, would be offended by their shape. I pray that everyone would be true to themselves and to their beliefs at Christmas time. If you believe in Christ, make the cookies in the shapes that you like, share them in love. And God bless you all! Merry Christmas. :)

    • pippuri

      I am offended by people getting offended over generic cookie cutters. Just joking! I don’t get why this article is offensive.

      These are really cool cookie cutters btw.

    • Ellen W.

      I don’t really care what kind of shapes people use for their Christmas/Year’s End/Winter cookies as long as I can tell what they are- camel cookies are a little tough- stars are always a good choice.

    • colleen

      I totally want to get my hands on the sex position cookie-cutters….that’s hilarious!

    • Genya

      I have those kama sutra inspired ones and they went off great at my in laws for x mas, better than my gingerbread zombies, gingerbread vamps, decapitated sugar men and and pentagram rye crackers. Loosen up people.