Blisstree’s Top 12 Eco-Friendly Calendars for 2011

It’s time to order next year’s calendar, but before you start browsing the racks at your local Barnes & Noble, stop and think about where all that glossy paper comes from (and where it’ll end up). Not so eco-friendly, eh? We searched around the internet for the best eco-friendly ways to mark your dates in 2011, and came up with a dozen great selections – one for every month of the year. These are the best of the best, post consumer waste, bamboo, and cotton-printed calendars we could find (printed with soy-based inks, of course), and we’re so enamored with some of them that we fear we might end up buying one for every room of our apartments. And then some.

Check out Blisstree’s top 12 green calendars for 2011 (and put one in our stocking, please):

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