Morning Links: Next Biggest Loser Trainers

The Secret Behind Our Addictions – Dopa-what? Scientists find new insight into how dopamine controls our compulsions, causing addiction (of the Christmas cookie variety). (ScienceDaily)

2011′s Hardest-Working TV Trainers – The Biggest Loser announced the contestants for season 11 of their show, but now that Jillian Michaels is leaving the show, there are only clues as to who the next Biggest Loser trainers will be. (ThatsFit)

Amy Adams Discovers Her Body… isn’t just meant to look good in a swimsuit. The actress says pregnancy made her less concerned about losing weight and more in tune with what her body is meant to do. (People)

Doctors Need to Move – New study shows need for doctors in rural areas, despite over-supply in urban areas. (New York Times)

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