Terry Richardson Shoots Equinox Gym Ads

This is an ad for Equinox (a gym, if you can’t tell from the photo – and we wouldn’t blame you). It was shot by one of fashion’s most infamous (and gross) photographers, Terry Richardson, who’s known to get inappropriate with models and exploit women for the sake of his “sexy” photos. (If you’re not familiar, check out this creepy story on our sister site, TheGloss.com.) We can’t tell how he treated the models, but these ads sure aren’t striking a chord with our New Year’s resolutions.

We like to work out because it makes us feel healthy, strong, and – not to be cheesy, but – empowered, but the women in these ads don’t invoke any of those things. We don’t know many women like to work their asses off (and pay hefty monthly fees) in order to look like sex objects, but maybe that’s just us.

Check out the rest of Richardson’s classy ads, below:

via Styleite

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    • Cotton

      not sure who this richardson guy is but these ads do suck…i guess advertisers like to have sexy images but these are just dumb. Tennis shoe ads feature strong, beautiful women in a better way (just one opinion).