Does Claire Danes Feel Latisse Side Effects?


According to a recent post on The New York Post‘s Page Six, actress Claire Danes may be experiencing some side effects from using Latisse, the eyelash enhancement drug, for which she’s a celebrity spokesperson who may or may not have made a deal with the devil. A source claims that the area around Danes’ eyes is so yellow and purple that her makeup artist is having to perform magic tricks with a concealer pen just to cover up the unsightly evidence. But the folks at Latisse (as well as reps for Danes) vehemently deny the claims. While the drug is FDA-approved, “skin hyperpigmentation” side effects aren’t uncommon. Check out Claire’s Latisse video diary yourself to see what lengths she’s gone to improve the look of her lashes.

via The Huffington Post

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    • Kay Akers

      I don’t think Claire Danes would continue to endorse something that’s causing her trouble. If latisse is giving her disturbing side effects then I guess she could have defy the product herself. I mean, she’d already gone through a lot to risk her self just for an endorsement. Here’s a bunch of articles that I think can be of light on our queries for lattise.