Biggest Loser Recap: 10 Reasons Jillian Michaels Wasn’t On This Week’s Episode

If you watched this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser, you may have noticed Jillian’s mysterious disappearance from training. While her team managed to (spoiler alert) lose more weight than the “unknowns,” her presence was missing, even at the weigh-in. While the show’s host, Alison Sweeney, explained that she “wasn’t feeling well,” we’re not so sure: Has anyone else noticed how many DVD she films, products she sponsors, and advertisements she manages to shoot while she’s not working on the show?

Even if she doesn’t have time to train contestants on the show, she’s managed to pack in her fair share of advertising deals, not to mention her own empire of fitness equipment, DVDs, books, and other products for her fans. Here are the ten “side projects” we think she might have been working on while her Biggest Loser buddies were sweating it out with Bob Harper this week:

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    • JM Fan

      During the shooting of this episode she hosted her wellness cruise and came back without a voice and ultimately the flu. Scheduling was worked around the cruise, just not the illness after.

    • Todd

      Wait, so her team performed better without her? Isn’t that the story?