10 Foods You Didn’t Know Contained (So Much) Sugar

Nutritionist and Foodtrainers founder Lauren Slayton

Last week, Lauren Slayton, Blisstree’s resident nutritionist, gave us 10 foods we didn’t know contained (so much) salt. Today she’s back, and she’s not sugar-coating anything:

I’m not anti-sugar. I’m staunchly pro-chocolate and I’m sipping coffee with agave nectar (which is pretty much sugar) as I blog. (Obviously, I’m also pro-Joe.) But we have a problem: Yes – you, me, all of us. We’re getting sugar from places we don’t necessarily realize. Though you may know why salt is bad (high blood pressure, bloat) or why pesticides are bad, you may not know why, for a healthy person, sugar is bad. Simply stated, sweet begets sweet. The more sugar you have (and that means sugar, honey, molasses, evaporated cane juice, sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.), the more you’ll crave, which can lead to fatigue, obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease, a suppressed immune system, and a host of other serious health problems. So you owe it to yourself to know where sugar lurks in order to do something about it. The American Heart Association suggests that women keep added sugar to 25 grams daily and men slightly more (unfair!) to 37.5 grams daily. Fine, but do you know how much a gram of sugar is in real terms? One teaspoon of sugar equals a little more than 4 grams. Here’s our gallery of ten places where sugar is lurking in your food (and drink).

Lauren Slayton, M.S. R.D., founder of New York City’s Foodtrainers, has more than a decade of experience as both a dietician and nutritional counselor. Offering one-on-one sessions on weight and nutrition management, Foodtrainers helps clients create, record, achieve, and maintain personal health goals. For those in need of grocery shopping guidance on a budget, Foodtrainers also offers an affordable program, Market Foodtraining. Check out Lauren’s Foodtrainers blog and follow Lauren on Twitter: @foodtrainers.

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    • Kelly

      I am suprised that this is your list. I was aware that everything on the list is sugar. I thought that was common nutrition knowledge. Whole wheat doesn’t mean that bread that you eat won’t turn to sugar and then turn to fat. That is how your body works. Anything that is processed is bad for you and will make you fat. End of story! Eat whole natural food and you will be ok.