10 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Without Prescription Drugs

Statins — the cholesterol-lowering drugs that significantly reduce risk of future heart attack — are a boon to the health and life span of anyone with heart disease (or high risk for heart disease). In fact, they’re so beneficial that researchers are busy trying to figure out if those at low risk for heart disease might benefit from taking the prescription meds. But after reviewing the progress of 14 medical trials, researchers at the Cochrane Systematic Review found that for those of us who have low risk for heart disease, statins may not prevent heart disease at all.

Now, we’re all for taking vitamins and supplements that boost our ability to fight disease and illness, but when it comes to prescription drugs — shouldn’t we focus on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of finding drugs to keep our arteries intact while we continue scaring Big Macs and Diet Cokes? There are several known ways to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and maintain healthy levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, and a vast majority involve simple diet and lifestyle choices (not pricey prescription drugs). So while researchers spend time calculating whether taking prescription drugs to prevent a disease we’re already at low risk to contract, we’ll stick with our oats and vegetables, thankyouverymuch.

If you need reminding of what to eat (and do) to keep your heart pumping away, check out this gallery of 10 ways to lower cholesterol, without prescription drugs:

via TIME

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