15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Got Milk

So far, 2011 is shaping up to be the year America goes vegan, but we doubt the dairy industry will go down without a fight. Vegans may have Oprah (for now), but milk boasts some serious celebrity manpower of its own. Of course, we believe that these actresses, models, athletes, and musicians fuel up on milk about as much as we believe that their cute mustaches are actually made of cow juice. But we’re not convinced Oprah will be vegan forever, either. We won’t tell you whether or not you should drink milk (we’ll leave that soapbox for celebrities and scientists), but we just hope no one is buying the message that drinking chocolate milk can give you Brooke Shields’ “busty body” or Heidi Klum’s runway-ready curves.

As milk’s star-studded ads remind us, there are studies suggesting that milk can aid weight loss and build muscle mass, but they also instruct us to drink 24 ounces per day, and they omit information about whether or not your milk should be organic, low-fat, full-fat, or raw. All milks aren’t created equal (check out our guide to finding a good milk for help navigating the dairy aisle), and a body by milk isn’t a guaranteed good thing, so do your research before you dip into dairy on the advice of these 15 well-compensated Hollywood celebrities:

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    • Christina

      Tell me, do they use men as well in the ads? With just women there is this uncomfortable cumshot-subtext. Or do I just have a dirty mind?

    • Maggie

      how many of those “got milk” have had battles with breast cancer?