NBA Players Like Yoga, But Prefer to Call it “Stretching”

Guys don’t do yoga, or so the stereotype goes. But as long as you call it the right thing, it turn out that even NBA players are into the benefits of spending time on the mat. According to an article on SLAM Online, yoga is becoming an increasingly popular in the NBA, with yoga instructor Kent Katich estimating that he’s taught about 25% of the League’s players. Still, the instructors have to put the appropriate spin on yoga to make it palatable to coaches, players, and the League: One coach insisted that the instructor call his yoga practice “stretching,” and another explains that most players are only open to certain aspects of yoga: “You can’t talk about the sun and opening your heart,” said trainer Kent Katich. “[The players] are going to shut you off, and they’re going to laugh at you.”

While we hope our guy friends, boyfriends, dads, brothers, and husbands will all follow suit and find themselves in love with the benefits of yoga, we’re still dubious that everyone is ready to let go of stereotypes that yoga is only for ladies. As Yoga Dork points out, we still have strides to make, based on headlines like Yahoo! Sport‘s: “NBA Players Love Yoga Without Growing Ponytails.” Sigh.

SLAM via Yoga Dork

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