Update: Coke’s Secret Recipe Is Safe, Says Coca-Cola

Yesterday, Coke’s secret recipe, including the formula for its “merchandise 7x flavoring,” was outed on the Internet, thanks to a recipe published 32 years ago that was unearthed by NPR radio show This American Life. But today, Coca-Cola claims their recipe is still a safe secret. After taste-testing the recipe that was published in Atlanta Constitution-Journal in 1979, This American Life confirmed that it doesn’t really taste like the real thing. But a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola told the press, “Our formulation is our company’s most valued trade secret, and we will not be coming forward with that formula,” adding that the recipe is only known by a small handful of people at a time.

Sorry for the false alarm, folks. But if you really want a healthy way to boost energy through a straw, maybe you should try getting on the green drink bandwagon.

Los Angeles Times via Eater

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    • Dr, M. Ahmed

      All I am interested in knowing is whether Coca Cola contains any amount of ALCOHOL
      Please let me know as soon as possible