Gallery: 10 Ridiculous Articles of Clothing for Really Lazy People

As we recently mentioned, many of us, at least in the U.S., seem to harbor an unhealthy obsession with clothes for lazy people. But we bet you didn’t realize just how saturated the current market is with this kind of slothful stuff for sale. Two kinds of footie pajamas? More than one kind of blanket with sleeves? Better believe it — just don’t buy it. Here’s our gallery of ten of the most absurd articles of clothing for lazy people, available now:

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    • K

      The Slanket hands down beats the Snuggie. It’s bigger so it goes all the way around you and crosses over making you feel like a fetus in a womb. Also they are thicker and softer.

    • angel

      I like it when clothes is comfortable and easy to wear, for example lets take a bikini…