Certain Spices Contain Pesticides and 9 Other Shocking Facts About Condiments

Nutritionist and Foodtrainers founder Lauren Slayton

Last week, nutritionist and Foodtrainers founder Lauren Slayton brought us 10 foods you didn’t know contained protein, and this week she’s back stirring up some condiment controversy.

So your beef is grass-fed and your produce organic. You don’t microwave in plastic and you always recycle. Sounds as though when it comes to food and health you’re doing pretty well. Not so fast. There’s one area you may be neglecting: Condiments (and a few other suspect foods thrown in for good measure). Do you really know what’s in them? Sorry, but I’m here to burst your nutritional bubble. So here’s our gallery of ten condiments you should carefully consider before consuming.

Lauren Slayton, M.S. R.D., founder of New York City’s Foodtrainers, has more than a decade of experience as both a dietician and nutritional counselor. Offering one-on-one sessions on weight and nutrition management, Foodtrainers helps clients create, record, achieve, and maintain personal health goals. For those in need of grocery shopping guidance on a budget, Foodtrainers also offers an affordable program, Market Foodtraining. Check out Lauren’s Foodtrainers blog and follow Lauren on Twitter: @foodtrainers.

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    • Ellen W.

      How much of a problem is the Lea & Perkins’ HFCS for the average person’s serving of less than a half tablespoon? Are there brands with a similar great “tang” and no HFCS?


    • Lauren Slayton

      I hear what you’re saying Ellen. As a rule, I don’t use products with HFCS in them or suggest them. Having said that if you love Lea and Perrins and use a dash in certain recipes, it will not (in itself) kill you. An easy switch is to the Wizard brand or Annie’s for a tang you can trust (no kickback for me I promise). Thanks for the comment

      • Ellen W.

        Thank you for the suggestion- I have one or two favorite recipies (mostly marinades) that call for a half-cup of Worscheshire sauce and while I know it’s not really a very big deal health-wise I think brands that avoid HFCS should be rewarded.

    • Charlie

      If I choose packaged goods I personally avoid additives, but, honestly, I see no need to be so obsessive. If you like a product that contains some junk in it, it’s not the end all. JMHO.

      • Ray

        depends on the person though, some are much more sensitive than others. Also very strict diets completely eliminating additives were successful in reducing the severity of ADHD in 78% of children suffering from the disorder in a recent study published in the Lancet, so evidence is starting to build that links these additives to behavioral disorders in children. In other words, if my kid had ADHD, I would be obsessive

    • darryl

      Braggs is high in salt but contains no MSG. pretty faulty information on this site. Get your facts straight. It’s pathetic the amount of bad information on this site without any substance.

      • Christine Egan

        Hi Darryl.
        Actually, Bragg Liquid Amino Acid does contain MSG (free glutamic acid). It’s naturally-occuring MSG that’s created during processing, but it’s still MSG. So, people who have reactions to MSG will react to Bragg Liquid Amnio Acid. We double-checked with nutritionist Lauren Slayton and she confirmed that Bragg used to include the labels “No MSG” and later “No Added MSG” to this product, but the FDA made the company remove those labels. According to Lauren, Shoyu is a better, healthier, and low-sodium option. We’ll update Lauren’s post so that this info is more clear. Thanks for your comment.
        Christine (Editor-in-Chief, Blisstree)

    • Aaron

      any info on how fast olive oil goes rancid? We talkin’ weeks, months?

      • Christine Egan

        Hi Aaron.
        According to our post’s author, Lauren Slayton (and her colleagues at Foodtrainers), most olive oils go bad by around 12 months, even if they’re stored well.
        Thanks for asking!
        Best regards,
        Christine (Editor-in-Chief, Blisstree)

    • Hello

      This complete conjecture. No actual real information at all.. Do not pay any attention to this list.

    • Heidi

      I have a bottle of Braggs Liquid Aminos in front of me and it only has 160 mg of sodium in 1/2 tsp. You won’t find that low of a sodium content in any other product. I think you need to check where you get your information.