Vegan, Whole-Grain, and Healthy: 10 National Pancake Week Recipes

Photo: VeganYumYum

Thanks to a holiday weekend spent in a country cabin, my Healthy Baking column is on a short hiatus, but I can make it up to you, I swear! It’s National Pancake Week, which means it’s time to batter up and get to the kitchen. (Unless you live in New York, which means you should grab your coat and run to Clinton Street Baking Company, where they make it into a month-long pancake fiesta). It’s easy enough to buy a mix and pour your pancakes, but we like the real thing, made from scratch, preferably with some combination of whole grains, natural sweeteners, healthy fruits, and sometimes even vegetables.

To get into the spirit of Pancake Week, we’ve gathered ten healthy pancake recipes of all stripes — vegan, low-fat, whole-grain, and just plain tasty:

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    • Steve Mynhier

      Thanks everyone who visited our efoods website and ordered the sample packets of food at Try the food and you will be convinced if you are going to store food this is the best place to buy. Look at the labels on the packages and you will see this is an excellent source for diabetics who have to watch their sugar.

    • Jenn

      On slide 2 you mention spelt pancakes being wheat free. Now I could be wrong, but isn’t spelt a species of wheat, being that it is in the Triticum genus?

    • Shirley @ gfe

      Spelt is an ancient form of wheat and should not be consumed by anyone who is wheat free or gluten free. Here’s one link showing the origin and taxonomy of several wheats, including spelt: Please change the label on this photo and recipe to prevent folks from consuming spelt and, subsequently, being ill and continuing gluten damage.

      Shirley Braden

    • Jean Layton

      Thank you for wanting to bring peoples awareness about what they eat into a fun food like pancakes. But for those of us who need to follow a gluten free diet, there might be some confusion.
      Spelt is NOT gluten free. It is an ancient form of wheat that provokes all the symptoms and damage that wheat does.
      Please emphasize the differences, it could be the difference for some people between health and damage.
      Dr. Jean Layton- Gluten Free Doctor

    • Carol, Simply…Gluten-free

      I have to pipe up here – you call these pancakes gluten free and wheat free and yet the are made of spelt which is actually a form of wheat and does have gluten, making it very unsafe for someone on a gluten free diet.

      I appreciate you wanting to bring alternatives but it is important to have the facts straight first.

      Thank you.