And the Award Goes to…10 Healthy Snacks for Your Oscar Party

Whether you’re throwing a big shindig or couch-surfing solo, you’re probably going to want some snacks on hand to watch Sunday night’s big Social Network/King’s Speech Oscar throwdown. So we found ten easy, delicious recipes that are health-conscious and vegetarian-friendly—even if you’re on the Black Swan diet.

1. Quinoa Black Bean Salad

Quinoa is one of the buzziest health foods right now, thanks to its lean, mean high protein content, unique nutty flavor, and ease of cooking. Catch the craze with this super easy and super tasty recipe for Quinoa Black Bean Salad from Fitness Goop.

2. Lemon-Mint Edamame

Edamame is a fantastic low-cal source of protein, vitamins A and B, calcium, and iron. If you live in New York City, can swing by Swich Wholesome Sandwich Company and try their tasty twist on this super food—along with any of their great, healthy sandwiches. In the meantime, however, one intrepid blogger has figured out a recipe you can try at home that cooks up close to the real thing.

3. Vegan Cucumber Sandwiches

These appetizers are hilariously upper-crust while being dead easy to make. I usually use this simple recipe for open-faced cucumber sandwiches, making it vegan by swapping in Tofutti for whipped cream cheese. Because Tofutti has a somewhat harder texture than regular cream cheese, it’s not a bad idea to nuke the tub for about 10 seconds, then stir with a spoon until it’s soft.

4. Chunky Cranberry Dip

Glamour’s savvy article on healthy party snack swaps includes this awesome recipe for chunky cranberry dip that goes great with melba toast.

5. Vegan Ants on a Log

Tap into your inner child while still staying veg-friendly by swapping on Tofutti for cream cheese in this fun recipe for ants on a log.

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