Daniel Craig Dressed In Drag for International Women’s Day; Here’s What You Can Do

Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench, who play James Bond 007 and “M,” respectively, teamed up with WeAreEqual.org for this International Women’s Day announcement, offering compelling information about the status of women (not to mention a shot of Daniel Craig in full drag):

Dame Dench runs through a list of appalling, frustrating facts (women do more work than men; earn less; lose their jobs due to motherhood; face the danger of sexual assault and domestic violence), and concludes by asking whether women are truly equals. “Until the answer is yes,” she says, “we must never stop asking.”

For now, the answer is no. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama rightly honored ten women with the International Women of Courage Awards on behalf of the State Department today, but despite their achievements, we still have a long way to go. So what can you do about it between now and dinner? De-friend Charlie Sheen, for starters. Join the movement to unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter, or if you were smart enough to keep him off your feed in the first place, simply spread the word. tAnd if you’re jonesing for a male celeb to fawn over, may we suggest Daniel Craig? He doesn’t assault or abuse women, as far as we know, and he was willing to don a dress to spread the word about equality — we’re sold.

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