Morning Links: An Apple a Day Keeps Death Away

Apples Aren’t Just for Teachers – A new study shows that eating apples may extend lifespan by as much as 10%, proving at least one adage right. (ScienceDaily)

Walk Like an Egyptian, Eat Like a Greek – It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial, but a new study shows that eating like a Greek reduces risk for metabolic syndrome, a pre-diabetic disease. (Wall Street Journal)

Sate Your Appetite for Sweets – If you’re giving up sweets for lent, you’ll need this guide to satisfying your sweet tooth the smart way. (Psychology Today)

LED Lights Make Lunch Look Good – One more reason to shop at a farmer’s market: LED lighting makes food look more appetizing, leading to some serious salad-bar-shopper’s remorse. (Discovery)

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