Morning Links: Ecstasy-like Drugs Found in Epsom Salts

Is There Ecstasy in Your Bath Salts? – Epsom salts have been testing positive for ecstasy-like drugs that can cause severe physical and mental side effects; here’s the low-down on how to make sure yours help you relax. (ABC Denver, via FitSugar)

Women at Work – A new study of female professors at M.I.T. finds that while they’ve made progress in their careers, many now perceive them to have an unfair advantage. (New York Times)

The Latest on Radiation in Japan – Radiation data collected from near Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant don’t indicate an immediate health threat, say researchers. (NPR Shots)

After Menopause, the Dentist – Researchers urge postmenopausal women to increase visits to the dentist, due to increased risk for plaque and gum disease. (ScienceDaily)


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