Fitness and Fashion: Timm Gunn Says Never Wear Yoga Pants In Public

When it comes to fitness and fashion, we have a firm policy against wearing sweat pants in public, but do we wear our yoga pants in public sometimes? Erm. Yes. According to fashion guru Tim Gunn, that’s a big mistake. “Gym clothes in public? Never! Change at the gym!” he instructs (with emphasis!). Gunn, who’s dispensed style advice to women on the weight loss track for Weight Watchers and Jennifer Hudson earlier this year, is back on the same beat in a video for Shape.

He’s a wellspring of ideas for how to deal with transitioning between sizes and looks, but he’s fervently against a sloppy workout look, even in the gym: “[Gym clothing] should be something that’s easy to put on, probably something with some stretch. There are so many great items out there in knits and jersey, that frankly can look quite chic, but they can just be thrown over your head, or they can be two pieces. And when you get to the gym, then you can put on the sweats.” And when he says “sweats” he doesn’t just mean a pair of Champion drawstrings. He says your gym clothes should be “something light, something easy, something with stretch and something that allows you to also look as if you’re subscribing to silhouette, proportion and fit.”

Is anyone else wondering what planet Tim Gunn works out on? We don’t like to trot across town in sweaty sports bras or dumpy sweatpants, but we don’t have time to change out of our yoga pants just for the walk home, either. And while we like to splurge on cute workout clothes here and there, we have more important things to worry about than the silhouette of our capri pants when we’re at the gym (like how the hell we’re going to get through spin class, for starters).

Is Gunn missing the point of how to “make it work” in the gym? Sound off below:

via Shape

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