Lent Survival Guide: 8 Natural Tips and Recipes to Curb Sugar Cravings

Nearly two weeks into Lent, I’m feeling major sugar separation anxiety. I don’t have a wildly abusive relationship with sweets, and I’ve never thought I had a food addiction, but now that I’ve given sweet stuff a 40-day adieu, I’m realizing that I may be more dependent than I thought. (I have the night sweats for sugar. Seriously.) So I asked nutritionist Lauren Slayton to help me curb my sugar cravings and satisfy my sweet tooth the all-natural way.

“The biggest rule with sugar is that sweet begets sweet,” she burst my bubble right off the bat. “If we replace it it’s like methadoning instead of detoxing.” But Slayton’s not a strict Catholic when it comes to Lent or nutrition, and she knows we need helping pulling it together if we’re going to make it to Easter without a grain of sweet. Here’s her sugar craving survival guide (with recipes!) to get you from now through the end of Lent:

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    • Meghan Keane

      Now I want to eat those dates immediately. Though I still like my plan of drinking red wine every time I crave sweets….

    • Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free

      Your grapefruit looks yummy…that’s one of my favorites especially in winter. Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers.