Limitless In Real Life: A Cost-Risk Analysis of 8 Brain-Boosting Drugs and Supplements

Pharmaceutical companies aren’t just inventing cures, they’re also coming up with ways to make the ordinary man better, faster, and stronger just by taking a pill. So the storyline of  Limitless, the new thriller starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, isn’t far-fetched: Cooper plays a writer who can’t finish his novel and gets dumped by his hot girlfriend, but gets lifted out of his low-point by an illegal drug that unlocks the potential of his brain, allowing him to be smart, rich, savvy (and even get laid). It all spirals downward from there, as stories centered around are wont to do, but it raises some interesting questions: Are we wasting the unlocked potential of our minds? Could the human brain be even better with the help of pills, drugs, and supplements?

We’re not the first to ask these questions — humans have been using mind-altering drugs and substances throughout history, and they still do. But there are some serious risks involved in trying to become superman with drugs, legal or illegal. Blisstree doesn’t advocate doing illegal drugs (hell, we’re not even comfortable with all the legal drugs so many people are taking), but Limitless made us wonder what the truth is about the pros and cons of the most popular mind-altering drugs. So we asked Brainologist Lee Gerdes, author of Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain and CEO of Brain State Technologies® to give us the down-low on everything from cocaine to ginkgo biloba. Here’s what he says about how to boost your brainpower:

“Brainologist” Lee Gerdes is the founder and CEO of Brain State Technologies® – a global neuro-network of about 130 affiliated offices that offer Brainwave Optimization™ — considered a “disruptive technology” that may change the way we understand sickness and health. With nearly 30,000 clients and growing, Brain State Technologies has the world’s largest inter-relational database of brain patterns, leading Lee and his researchers to a quick pace of new discoveries. Lee’s invention sprang from his own desperate need to resolve the physical and emotional trauma he endured after a vicious assault. An engineer, mathematician and theologian, Lee has dedicated his life to understanding neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change itself. He is the author of the Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain.

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    • Dianne Price

      As Jefferson Airplane (“White Rabbit”) once intoned:
      One pill makes you larger
      And one pill makes you small
      And the ones that mother gives you
      Don’t do anything at all

      So, if you really want to optimize your brain’s capacity, go ask Brain State Technologies.

    • Meg O’Neill

      I can only second what Dianne Price above says. Check out Brain State Technologies, you won’t be sorry you did.

    • Jo Wenger

      Those of us from the Seattle area know that getting our teeth whitened is only one downside from all our caffeine consumption….now dentists report increased tooth decay from slowly drinking sugary drinks all day. Yikes! Maybe if we drank them faster?! =) So if you’re in the Seattle/Tacoma area and want to see what a balanced brain can do for you…check us out at (a licensed affiliate of Brain State Technologies). Sorry, but we don’t serve lattes with your sessions. =)

    • Kris Pitcairn

      The absolute coolest thing about Brainwave Optimization, the process from Brain State Technologies, is the lasting NATURAL HIGH of a brain that works better.

      I’ve done several Brainwave Optimization intensives, and other than decreasing my anxiety and need for alcohol, the calm, clarity and focus is tremendous!

    • I have the it

      I haveit the pill that makes u strong its call.
      love… must be love love doo doo must be love love love

    • M McFadden

      Brainwave Optimization helped me get to a peaceful place. It has affected every decision I’ve made since. Now I’m an affiliate of Brain State Technologies in Redmond, WA at inBalance Wellness Center. http:// We’re here to help you overcome your obstacles.