10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Devote Their Lives to Health Charities and Causes

It’s no secret that Hollywood celebrities have long taken up health-related charity cases of all kinds (and all the time) — whether for altruistic purposes or PR exposure, or both. But, in addition to the late, great Dame Elizabeth Taylor and The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), there are a few rare breeds who have gone well beyond being a fair-weather good Samaritan by devoting their entire lives and celebrity status to health causes of all kinds — whether or not they themselves have been directly affected by the disease or condition. So, in honor of early AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor’s very recent passing, here’s our gallery of ten Hollywood celebrities who tirelessly have spent their lives working on behalf of a serious health charity with which they felt a personal connection. Luckily, those who are still with us are still going strong, while those who have passed away leave inspiring health legacies of which we all can be proud — and continue to support:

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