6 Libido Boosting Sex Tips That Don’t Involve Lab Mice

Oh, to be a mouse. Usually, I feel kind of bad for animals that are stuck in some lab being injected with terrible things in the name of science. But a recent study made me smile, and I suspect the animals involved were smiling, too. Mice in the study CBS News dubbed the “Seratonin Sex Bomb” had their levels of serotonin reduced. It resulted in some seriously horny mice:

“Serotonin-deprived mice were quite the performers, mounting both male and female partners about 80 percent of the time.”

This little game of serotonin roulette isn’t quite ready for human use. (And chances are, you aren’t desperate to start mounting people on the street to improve your sex life.) But how about we look at some more reasonable, but also under the radar, ways to boost your libido?

(Top Photo: Photo: Steven Beger Photography)

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