Health News We Shouldn’t Have to Tell You: Water Walking Balls Are Dangerous

In today’s health news that won’t blow your mind, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that water walking balls are risky. Yes; stepping into a large plastic sphere and getting into a large body of water comes with risks. We know; absurd! Before reading the CPSC’s reasoning, we came up with our own to see how closely we could match theirs. Here’s what we came up with, and what theirs turned out to be:

Our best guess:

  • If putting your head in a plastic bag is a bad idea, then putting your entire body in a plastic sphere seems equally stupid. We’re guessing those water walking balls could suffocate a person pretty easily.
  • At least in the picture above, those kids aren’t wearing water vests. We know they probably feel like Jesus while they’re walking on water and whatnot, but when their shoes pop a hole in the plastic, they’ll get a reality check. Drowning alert!

The CPSC’s concerns:

  • According to TIME, the CPSC worries “that oxygen can be depleted inside the ball, and dangerous carbon dioxide levels can accumulate in a matter of minutes. People with medical conditions, such as heart, lung or breathing issues, could be at higher risk for harm, the commission said,” i.e. those water walking balls could suffocate a person pretty easily.
  • They also explain that “the ball’s lack of emergency exit — it can be unzipped only from the outside — means that people can become trapped within it, increasing the risk of injury or death. If the ball springs a leak, riders could drown. Also, because the ball contains no padding, impact injuries are possible if balls collide with each other or land on hard surfaces,” i.e. Drowning alert!

So, if you find yourself at an amusement park anytime soon, don’t let someone zip you into a plastic ball and throw you into water without an air supply or life vest. Got it?

via TIME

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