Vitamin D Linked to Healthy Blood Vessels

We don’t encourage Gisele Bundchen’s sunscreen philosophy, but the importance of vitamin D isn’t negligible, either. Not only is it important for bone health, but scientists are also finding that vitamin D levels are tied to the health of blood vessels, making us even more worried about our sunscreen habit.

The research, presented by Ibhar Al Mheid, MD, at the American College of Cardiology, indicated that vitamin D deficiency can increase for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Researchers measured the vitamin D levels of over 500 patients and monitored the health and reactions of their blood vessels to various stimuli, and found that the correlation stands despite other factors like age, cholesterol, and weight.

A few foods are naturally high in vitamin D (oily fish and eggs, mainly), most Americans get their quota from sun exposure. Fortified foods like milk, orange juice, and cereals are just a minor source (although food manufacturers are beginning to produce things like high-vitamin D bread and other fortified processed foods). No doctors are advocating a no-sunscreen policy, but some are saying that we don’t get nearly enough UV rays because of SPF.

Do you wear sunscreen every day? Are you conscious of getting enough sun exposure to increase your vitamin D levels? Tell us about your sun habits in the comments section, below:

via Science Daily

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