Let’s Talk Health Taboos: Things No One Wants to Tell You About Wellness

Last night, I watched the Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman’s TED talk. (I admit it: I’m woefully behind on my video queue.) Titled “Let’s Talk Parenting Taboos,” (see the video below) their topic isn’t brand new, but it’s still interesting, even if you don’t have kids or any interest in having kids. When they entered parenthood (they’re not just co-workers; they’re married and have three sons), they found themselves faced with an experience that didn’t match what they had expected; no one had told them that they might not be as happy, that they’d be lonely, or that they might experience miscarriages, and that’s why they established Babble.com. While I’m not a parent, and I’m not writing for a parenting site, their talk reminded me of all the taboos that we do deal with in the realm of health and wellness. There are plenty of taboos in health and wellness, and just like parents need more open and honest support, so does anyone reading our site.

We talk about all angles of health on a daily basis, but it’s easy to forget that there are health taboos, too. Too often we ignore big issues and truths that aren’t easy to discuss (and that are quite difficult to sell). At the risk of losing our advertisers (and really pissing you off), here are the things that no one wants to tell you about health — and we don’t mean things like “organic deodorants don’t always work.” Here’s the nitty gritty that you won’t find on the cover of a diet book or headline of a fitness magazine. And our mothers definitely didn’t prepare us for this:

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