10 Ingredients to Always Put In Your Smoothies

Last week I asked Lauren Slayton, our Fearless Foodtrainer (@foodtrainers), to tell us eight ingredients that should never be in our smoothies (and why). Because it’s finally spring, we’ve been talking about smoothies an awful lot lately around Blisstree (even though today it’s rainy and 45 degrees in New York City). I have to admit that all this smoothie talk makes me a little uncomfortable, because I have a chronic aversion to cutesy words like foodie, smoothie — and cutesy, for that matter. (And judging from some of the recent related comments on Blisstree’s Facebook page, many of you feel the same way. Solidarity!) Still, I appreciate the potential health benefits and undeniable convenience of a smoothie, whether blended at home or made-to-order from a smoothie stand. So, because Blisstree likes to explore both sides of an issue, this week we’re all about what healthy ingredients we should add to our smoothie-making machines. Here are ten faves from our Fearless Foodtrainer:

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