Jason Schwartzman Tells Us What to Eat and That We’re Sexy

We ask ourselves “what to eat?” at least three times a day, and now a new short film, What to Eat, narrated by actor Jason Schwartzman, and supported by the environmental organization Farm Sanctuary (which, since 1986, has worked to expose cruel practices of the “food animal” industry), aims to show, in a swift four minutes and 30 seconds, how eating less meat can help lessen the environmental impact of factory farming. I came for the Schwartzman, but I’ll stay for the message.

The short film, produced by Greener Media, puts the viewer in the place of the main character — a relatable family guy voiced by Schwartzman — and follows him through a typical day, beginning with an early morning alarm and traditional breakfast of bacon and eggs, and ending with an epiphany and a surprise dinner that was not on the menu when he first woke up.

In a statement released by Farm Sanctuary, Schwartzman says, “The devastation inflicted on our environment by factory farms is something we all have the power to stop by doing something as simple as ordering a veggie burger instead of a meat one…It’s a lot easier than you think, and let’s be real, all burgers taste the same with ketchup.”

Ah Schwartzman, thou art my eternal voice of realism and awesomism.

“The power of ‘What to Eat’ is that it reflects the world we live in,” says Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, who is heard giving a radio interview in the film. “What may seem like mundane decisions that we make every day have profound consequences. Mainstream media is devoting unprecedented attention to the devastation caused by factory farming and new studies are linking the Earth’s most serious environmental threats back to this wasteful and abusive system. By becoming more aware of the impacts of our food choices and eating in a way that is more aligned with our values and interests we are going to see a revolutionary shift.”

According to a 2006 United Nations report, “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” the meat industry is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global” as it wastes valuable natural resources, pollutes our air, decimates our forests, poisons our water supply, and produces greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change.

Watch the short film What to Eat:

And watch a promo for the film starring Jason Schwartzman, where he says I’m sexy. Sold.

(Videos: PlateToPlanet.org)

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