People Who Influence You: For Amy Poehler, It’s Her Nanny

As you would expect, Amy Poehler gave a hilarious speech at the Time 100 gala earlier this week and, according to New York Magazine, she delighted everyone there with her antics about Martha Stewart and Blake Lively’s ripped dress. But aside from great humor, one thing that stuck out about her speech is that, rather than provide a list of luminaries that have inspired her and made her who she is, she thanked her nannies. Poehler says that it’s the women who take care of her kids who she’s really grateful for, and in this case, she really isn’t joking:

I have thought very hard and long about what has influenced me over the past couple of years, and since I have been at this dinner in 2008, I have given birth to two boys and I’ve left Saturday Night Live and I started my own TV show, and it’s been a crazy couple of years, and I thought who besides Madam Secretary Clinton and Lorne Michaels have influenced me? And it was the women who helped me take care of my children. It is Jackie Johnson from Trinidad and it is Dawa Chodon from Tibet, who come to my house and help me raise my children. And for you working women who are out there tonight who get to do what you get to do because there are wonderful people who help you at home, I would like to take a moment to thank those people, some of whom are watching their children right now, while you’re at this event. Those are people who love your children as much as you do, and who inspire them and influence them and on behalf of every sister and mother and person who stands in your kitchen and helps you love your child, I say thank you and I celebrate you tonight.

Aside from making Poehler even more likeable, her speech made us really think: Who influences your life that deserves to be thanked on stage? For Blisstree’s editor-in-chief, it’s probably her cleaning lady. (But pretty soon, it’ll probably be her nanny, too! Send her a congratulatory email, why dont you.) Here are some people we’d like to take the time to thank.(Hey, just because we’re not on stage doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to give a speech.)

Doormen and supers: They sign for UPS when we’re not home, they keep weirdos from lurking outside our door, and they’ve been shoveling snow on the sidewalk for us all winter. Thank god, because if we don’t have time to clean our own apartments, we sure as hell don’t have time to take care of the building’s first floor.

Yoga teachers and fitness instructors: You save our ass every day, or at least the days we make it to class. Thanks for not letting our bodies go to shit this winter. We definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

Cobblers: You do things to our feet that really make us scream. Thanks for making our shoes more comfortable and saving them from getting worn out.

Nail technicians: You also make our feet happy, and we’re pretty sure that everyone who has to see our bare toes is also pretty grateful that you’re willing to get rid of all that nasty, too.

Waiters: On nights when we just want to get drunk and forget about the dishes, you’re seriously our heroes. And for all of you who gave us a generous pour, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Really, thank you.

Therapists, coaches, and whoever else we pay to listen to us whine: We know that we’ve talked about you behind your back, and complained about how much you charge. But seriously, we didn’t mean it. You really make our lives go on.

Delivery women and men: Have you had some crappy weather this spring? Us, too. And nearly every time it’s rained, hailed, and snowed, we’ve opted to have our lunches and dinners delivered. We always tip them well, but for all that biking and walking in the rain, we’d like to thank them: You saved us from getting a cold.

Then there are all the friends, family, coworkers, and complete strangers who do great things for us every day. We know we’re forgetting a few; who influences you? Tell us who you’d like to thank in the comments below (if you’re anything like Amy Poehler, it will make you more likable, funny, and probably happier, too):

(photo: LA Snark)

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