Health, Not Brought to You By Technology: 6 Professionals We Wouldn’t Trade for Machines

A recent story in the New York Times asks, “Do Secretaries Have a Future?” implying that these days, technology trumps today’s Joan Holloways. Indeed, there are plenty of professionals whose livelihoods have been hurt by the advent of iPhones and DVDs, and they’re not just limited to offices and factories. Even in hospitals and juice bars, there are machines and screens to stand in for the people whose jobs make us healthy and happy. Without them things might be a little cheaper, but ultimately, we’re less healthy and happy. (And for the record, we always think Joanie deserves a job.)

We’re all for using apps and podcasts to boost your health, but here are just a few of the health and wellness professionals we think technology can never replace, and we’re willing to pay top dollar to prove it:

Photo: Emergiblog

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    • Ellen W.

      Advice nurses are the best! They never laugh at you (“So, um, this isn’t going to kill me, right?”).

    • K

      Massage wands offer a sort of stress release that licensed massage therapist cannot.