Morning Links: 3 Ways to Handle Mother’s Day Stress

โ€“ Eight ways carbs can actually help you lose weight. (That’s Fit)

โ€“ Your bikini line may be able to tell you important things about your fertility. (Vitamin G)

โ€“ Six exercises every new jogger should start doing to prevent injuries while running. (FitSugar)

โ€“ Three ways to handle stress and anxiety caused by Mother’s Day. (Well + Good NYC)

โ€“ Are lap dances the same thing as cheating on your partner? (Betty Confidential)

โ€“ If you want to create a special place in your home that’s just for you, check out this writer’s personal space. (Shelterpop)

โ€“ Making non-soy, non-dairy milks at home may sound impossible, but just check out these seven easy recipes for blending your own non-moo juice. (Organic Authority)

โ€“ How to give your ex the space he/she needs, even if you really don’t want to. (YourTango)

โ€“ Five comfort foods that aren’t so fattening? Sign us up. (ThirdAge)

โ€“ One woman’s story about what she learned about herself and life when she cut off all her hair. (MyDaily)

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