Why Our Readers Rock: “What If You Stopped Smoking Right Now?” Video from David Carnegie

We feel flattered every time a we get a reader comment, and we jump up and down when we get new fans on Facebook, so you can imagine how elated we were when we discovered that one of our readers created an entire video inspired by one of our posts about quitting smoking. David Carnegie, aka @CreelmanKid on Twitter, posted a link to his video, inspired by the Blisstree post, “What Happens to Your Body If You Stop Smoking Right Now?” in a tweet:

Check out the cool video, and click through to compliment David on his awesome work on YouTube:

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    • David

      Thank you for promoting the video. While doing my research for it, Blisstree’s infographic from a few years back was the most helpful out of everything I found.
      Thanks for the inspiration!