Meatless Monday: 10 Creative Vegetarian Quinoa Recipes

Getting protein without meat, fake meat, or some kind of processed soy can be a bear, but thanks to grains like quinoa, it’s possible to get protein even in a fiber-rich, plant-based meal. The easy, quick cooking grain contains eight grams of protein per serving, plus lots of fiber and essential minerals to give you a boost. Now that it’s been on the market for awhile, it’s also easy to find at grocery stores; for the most part, it’s just as easy to find as rice (but cooks a lot faster and contains a lot more protein). The only problem with it? Frankly, we get a little bored with quinoa salads and vegetable-quinoa sautees. So we combed the internet for some creative (and vegetarian) ways to eat the high-protein grain for a satisfying Meatless Monday meal.

Try on these dishes for size:

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    • Melissa

      the link is incorrect for the sweet potato quinoa cakes. It takes me to warm and nutty quinoa.

    • Donna

      Also, the Mushroom & Walnut Quinoa w/Fried Egg link isn’t working.

      Great idea for a slideshow & topic, though!

    • Brittany (Eating Bird Food)

      Thanks for featuring my recipe!

    • Briana Rognlin

      Hi All,

      The links should all be working now; sorry for the inconvenience. And Brittany: Thanks for having such excellent recipes on your site!

      Happy Meatless Monday!