A Hard Politician Is Good To Find

Nowadays it goes without saying that celebrities, by and large, will have rock-hard abs, lean, shapely legs, and butts you could bounce quarters off of. They’re always saying that “it’s their job” to look good. When they’re  not in front of the lens, or rocking out on stage, they’re packing into gyms to shred every layer of fat off their torsos. But for those of us who are chained to our desks from nine to five, having a similar body can seem way out of reach as we struggle to find the time to work out at all, let alone for three hours a day like our favorite stars. But June’s issue of Men’s Health just hit the shelves, and the shirtless man with washboard abs on the cover is, surprisingly, not an all-star, rock star, movie star, or even porn star; he’s a Republican congressman from Illinois, Aaron Schock.

I’m having a bit of a braingasm here, and not just because he’s awfully purty (I mean, DAYUM), but mostly because politicians don’t normally make physical fitness a priority (Arnold Schwarzenegger notwithstanding, of course).

Politicians may be public figures, but they’re not technically celebrities, nor do they have same leisures and luxuries. They sit at their desks just as long as us normal folk do, perhaps longer. Driving a desk, as I wrote about last month, may lead to several health complications, one namely being bowel cancer. Our sister site The Grindstone has also written about the deadly dangers of chairing your life away. So it’s great to see politicians who reject the typical, swollen “fat cat” look, and make their physical fitness just as important as their careers. That’s definitely something to vote for.

If politicians can work this hard to maintain their health on top of their career, so can we. Here’s some photos of inspirational public figures from around the world who surely hit the gym and sustain themselves on lean cuisine. (And by the way, they are also pretty hot, hot, HOT.)

(Photo: Men’s Health)

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