Meatless Monday: 10 Veggie Burger Recipes For (Vegetarian) Spring Grilling

It’s pretty much downpouring around my parts right now, but I’m still hopeful: Soon, I will be partying in backyards and on rooftops, veggie burger and Corona in hand. Grilling in the spring is just about one of the most enjoyable activities I can think of, but when it comes to vegetarian options, there tend to be few, and they tend to be, well… not very good. Frozen vegetarian patties tend to be full of soy proteins that a) are shady, for the same reason that soy protein powder isn’t our favorite smoothie ingredient, and b) don’t actually taste very good. We prefer the homemade variety, of which there are many: Lentil, chickpea, bulgur, tofu… There are endless ways to build, spice, and grill a good veggie burger, so don’t sell yourself short with a plate of potato salad and chips at your next barbecue this spring.

Check out these ten veggie burger recipes; some are vegan, all are vegetarian, and none will make Meatless Monday a boring affair:

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    • Mariah (picturespupsandpies)

      I LOVE beet burgers and am super excited to try the one featured here. It sounds similar to one I have had in a resturaunt but have never been able to replicate.