Aubrey O’Day’s New Bikini Body Proves She’s Not Ready To Age Gracefully

Aubrey O’Day isn’t going to let a little something like aging get in the way of her svelte bikini bod. The former Danity Kane singer was crying about her weight during the first episodes of her new reality show All About Aubrey, but now that she’s shed a few pounds, she seems perfectly happy to prance around in the itsiest of itty bitty bikinies.

This weekend in Las Vegas she was running around in a strangely proportioned white bikini and garnering lots of press coverage about her body. And that makes me sad.

In March we wrote about Aubrey’s reality show breakdown:

On the first episode of her new show, choreographer Gil Dudulao took a look at Aubrey and told her flat-out: “You look a little hefty there.” Now, maybe she’s not as tiny as she used to be, but this girl is far from hefty. Aubrey teared up and moaned, “I’m not 100 pounds anymore.”

There are a lot of women over 30 who deal with their bodies changing as they get older. But Aubrey wasn’t content to passively deal with the aging process. She promptly went about changing things. And while I’m not sure if she went the diet and exercise route or just quickly booked an appointment with a surgeon, her new bikini look smacks of desperation.

As our sister site The Gloss points out:

To say nothing of the fact that O’Day is making a statement about the importance of cosmetic surgery in her life, this swimsuit is about as fug as a plain white bikini can get (note the weird little frills on the bottom).

Clearly, Aubrey isn’t ready to let her bombshell image fall by the wayside.  And at a certain point, the pushup bras and lowcut outfits aren’t going to be able to replace the hard work of actually being happy with herself the way she is. But that kind of work doesn’t often bring with it paparazzi lenses. And I guess if you’re gonna try to make a career out of being put in an artificial produced girl group, you’ve got to know where your priorities lie.

(Photo: Wenn)

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