McDonald’s Milkshake Ad: Udderly Gross

McDonald’s released a new campaign poster in Finland for their milkshakes just in time for summer, but instead of making us crave the Golden Arches, it’s just really grossing us out. Seen from the point of view of a cow looking at her own teats (your first warning sign), where all but two have been folded back (is this cow a drag queen?), the tagline reads: “The Real Milkshake. Now with Double Flavor.” From what I’ve been able to work out, McDonald’s is trying to say their new milkshake has double the amount of milk in it.

Is this advert supposed to imply that McDonald’s milkshakes are more wholesome than ever before? Or are these phallic-shaped udders supposed to make us think of sex (and all its milky by products)? Or perhaps the cow is a pacifist and is flashing the peace sign. “Peace, Farmer-man! I gots no beef witchu! Please stop squeezing my nips!” Oh McDonald’s, your milkshake may bring all the cows to the barn, but I am definitely not thirsty.

(Photo: Foodiggity)

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