Let’s Talk About Sex: Titillating TV To Ignite Your Pillow Talk

Samantha Jones, Sex And The City‘s famous vixen-vamp, once said: “sex is a barometer for what’s going on in the relationship.” But now, according to a new scientific study, the real barometer is, actually, Sex And The City. Published in the  June 2011 issue of the Journal of Communication, study author Emily Moyer-Gusé from Ohio State University found that, after watching an episode of SATC, viewers who identified with the characters reportedly felt more confident to discuss sexually transmitted diseases with their partner, friends and doctors, and were twice as likely to do so. And what’s more, the results of the study applied men as well as women, with almost half (46%) of the participants pillow-talkin’ within two weeks. To quote Carrie Bradshaw: “That’s just fabulous.”

Sadly, Sex And The City is no longer on air (and not all of us are so lucky to have dates who are willing to watch), but for those of us whose conversations could use some lubrication, many programs since SATC have dove-tailed off of its provocative, no-holds-barred approach to sexuality. Here’s some of the top titillation on the telly today.

(Photo: TBS)

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