Plank: The Yoga Mat With The Best Sense of Humor Ever

I really like yoga and meditating, and I’ve even become one of those people who OMs really loudly in my yoga classes. I even own (and read) a couple of books by Thich Nhat Hahn; I’m seeking what some consider majorly cheesy spiritual enlightenment. (I draw the line at incense, though; I can’t go around smelling like an ashram, folks.) But I also appreciate a sense of humor, which is why when I spotted Plank’s yoga gear, I instantly had to shift around my spending priorities and find a way to cough up $95 for my fifth (yes, fifth) yoga mat. They make an assortment of lovely printed, eco-friendly, all-natural rubber mats, but my favorite one is the one that looks like a bathroom floor scattered with pills. It’s kind of dark; it’s really funny. It’s even better than those Fish’s Eddy Pills dishes.

Here’s Plank’s description of their Pills Luxe Yoga Mat:

From the Art-on-Mat Series: Pills Mat – A cocktail of OTC and prescription meds that can be thrown away, as the healing benefits of a regular practice become a happy replacement… If not, in the meantime, you can medicate & meditate! Our super cheeky design.

If you’re afraid of getting judged for your weird sense of humor, you could also check out some of their art-quality printed mats, like the shag carpet or wood-grain printed ones. But if you’re really enlightened, you won’t care what anyone else thinks; you’ll just get a laugh every time you roll out your mat in class.

Anyone want to give me $95?

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    • Robyn Lee

      Love this!!!

    • Cate

      Beware of purchasing from Plank. I ordered a present for a friend. other than an initial confirmation email, I have had heard nothing from them and no mat after 2 1/2 weeks. They charged my credit card in a hurry! There phone line is a barely audible recorded “Plank” and then a beep. No response to my call. My email has also received no response. I am thoroughly disappointed in the company.

      • WellHeeledGuru

        Hi Cate,
        Let me know if your order was fulfilled. Sorry to hear about your poor experience. Send your order info to
        and we’ll take care of it.
        Best Plank…

    • WellHeeledGuru

      Thank you Briana for sharing your love & find. Have you experienced Plank’s Heat & Pressure grip technology, that enables you to construct your poses from foundation upwards.
      For those who want to get curious about the Grounded Hands/Feet Technology of yoga and take their practice to the next level. Holler if you want to find out more…