Would You Live in Anti-Obesity Housing?

Can the building you live in help you lose weight? That’s the idea behind NYC’s new “anti-obesity” apartment complex, an eight-story Bronx building called “The Melody” that was unveiled last week. The building was put up by a private development company, not the city, but units are only available to families making under $90,000 per year. It has a gym on the first floor, exercise equipment for adults and children out back, and “inviting” stairways to encourage residents to avoid elevators. Motivational slogans and signs hang on the walls.

I don’t think this will do much in the way of combating obesity — the kind of person who chooses to buy a condo in a fitness-friendly complex is probably someone who’s already concerned with diet and exercise. And if they’re not — well, the most inviting stairways in the world aren’t likely to make a difference.

But I’ve seen the sad, dim basement rooms that pass for gyms at many apartment complexes. Even if ‘anti-obesity housing’ only attracts the already health-minded, encouraging developers and architects to make fitness a key component when considering building design is still pretty rad.

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    • GreenEyedLilo

      I’d rather have “anti-bedbug” than “anti-obesity.” Maybe if someone tells Bloomberg that bedbugs make people fat, he’ll want to do something about them.

    • ILoveStairs

      I have ALWAYS preferred taking the stairs over riding the elevator, even if I’m on the 15th floor. And it is so annoying when the stairs are located in some dim corner and are ugly and sometimes are even outside the main ventilation system, making them hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Yay for pretty stairs!