5-Ingredient Challenge: Could You Eat Real Food For 100 Days?

100 Days of Real Food sign
Can you eat for 10 days without consuming any item with more than 5 ingredients? 

That’s the latest mini-challenge, beginning today, from the family behind “100 Days of Real Food,” a site chronicling their chronicles in a processed-food free existence.

After finishing their first ’100 days’ challenge, they embarked on “100 Days of Real Food on a Budget,” in which the family of four could only spend $125 on food each week. Yes, these people are sickeningly Good at Life (the mother gives tomato seeds as party favors at her daughter’s birthday party). But their site contains a trove of information/inspiration about cutting the processed food habit. And while “five” is just an arbitrary number, we could all do with more food with less ingredients. Wouldn’t hurt to try, at least…

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    • michelle

      This is a lot harder than it sounds….don’t know if i could do it!

    • Loretta

      Yes you can eat for 10 days without consuming any item with more than 5 ingredients, but it’s not easy at first. You do get sick of eating the same thing day-after-day, so I use a blend of spices to give the meal a punch. I was forced to retire, so I started a small vegetable garden and now it’s the best thing I could have done. Going out and picking your own fresh vegetables saves you money, and the daily exercise you get keeps you in shape. I trade vetetables with other seniors who are on fixed income.