What The Cluck? KFC Sells Soda To Benefit Diabetes Research (Not A Joke)

KFC is no stranger to irony. Besides their ridiculous Double-Down chicken burger, where greasy fried chicken slabs replace the bun in the sandwich, they also came up with Buckets For A Cure, where each chicken bucket purchased translated to 50 cents for breast cancer research. Now, they’ve outdone themselves with their latest campaign: Buy two liters (a half gallon) of sugary soda, and they’ll donate $1 to juvenile type 1 diabetes research.

I’m all for funding type 1 diabetes research, especially when it comes to children. Any monetary donation to that cause is well worth it. But C’MON! Type 1 diabetes may not be caused by diet (that would be type 2 diabetes) but it is definitely affected by diet, and can even be controlled, maintained, and even slowed down by diet. So why on earth is the company that directly contributes through their food items to the epidemics of obesity,  heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and yes, type 1 and 2 diabetes be running such a thoughtless campaign?

This is a slap in the face to everyone who suffers from the affliction. I can hear many of you saying that you could easily fill that 2 liter cup with water or diet soda, but here’s a better idea: instead of giving your money to KFC where only a portion of your money is going to diabetes research, why not just donate directly to a diabetes foundation or organization in your community?

Cut out the middle man (and the sugar).

(Photo: The Grist)

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    • Nicole

      So unreal it’s laughable. Someone put no thought into this marketing campaign. Even diet soda is high in sodium and caffeine –which affects those with heart disease– which goes hand in hand with diabetes.

    • Tara Snow

      I often eat KFC… have personally loved their stuff, but I keep coming across stories of people who have had really bad experiences with the company. There are some really funny vents about it here.

    • Brad

      I have Type 1 Diabetes and I can eat anything I want. Diet will not “slow” the speed of getting type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes has very little to do with type 2. They are very different things. Type 1 diabetes is a disease. Type 2 is generally not a disease. Type 2 isn’t chronic. Type 2 is caused by eating in most cases. People with type 1 can and should eat. My doctor even told me to make sure to eat that piece of cake. Type 1 diabetes is only maybe 5% of all cases of diabetes. We need all the funding we can get no matter where it comes from. If we start splitting hairs we won’t get any funding at all. The only current ‘cure’ for type 1 diabetes is a living/organ donation. Also while type 2 diabetes is serious. Type 1 can’t just magically get better by working out. I do go to McDonald’s. It is generally rhetoric like this that caused me to have a severe case of Diabetic Bulimia. “You can’t eat that you have diabetes. You should eat healthy. You should do this and that and whatever.” No type 1 is not like type 2 at all. So don’t get it confused.