Fresh Moves: Delivering Organic Fruit And Veg To The People

Some great news out of Chicago this week: The city, which has suffered from “food deserts” (where citizens have to travel more than mile to get fresh fruit and veg), is now championing an initiative for more Fresh Moves buses, which are essentially grocery stores on wheels. Revamped school buses loaded with fresh produce, all locally sourced and organic, have popped up in Chicago, bringing back the charm of grocery delivery boys (just like back in the day, before supermarkets became the rage), but most importantly, are providing nutrients to a nutrient-starving constituency.

“Food deserts” are a cause for public health concern because minority and lower income citizens must travel exhausting distances via public transport to reach fresh produce, but are only able to purchase what they can carry (and we all know a bag of oranges or a sack of potatoes ain’t feather-light), thereby forcing them to purchase convenient but unhealthy food products at the corner store. This makes room for rising instances of obesity, diabetes, and cancer, which can be attributed to poor diets.

Food buses came to be with the help of several benefactors. The Chicago Transit Authority donated the bus, Architecture for Humanity helped transform the bus into a grocery store, and the restaurant EPIC helped build their website. Fresh Moves gives the produce it doesn’t sell to homeless shelters, and also disproves the myth that lower-income families would rather have junk and fast food, rather than nutrient dense meals.

(Photo: Huffington Post)

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    • EPIC

      Hey there. Thanks for the coverage of Fresh Moves! It’s an incredible, inspiring initiative that will have a massive impact on such an important issue. Quick correction. The restaurant EPIC didn’t help produce the site. A design nonprofit called EPIC–which works on a probono basis for social causes–did. Check out EPIC: Thanks again for the coverage.