Afternoon Links: Summer Fruit Skewers For A Hot Weekend

• Your friend the fridge (Your Tango)

• After snack: a brilliant summer fruit skewer you have to try (Vitamin G)

• Do you think your marriage would be better if you lived apart? (Betty Confidential)

• Daily clean-up: minimize cleaning products (Shelter Pop)

• 10 ways to improve your sex life (Third Age)

Botox health benefits versus the risks (Truth in Aging)

• Can fish oil fight aging? (You Beauty)

• Chill out with yoga expert Kristin McGee’s one-step frozen yogurt recipe (Well + Good)

Tips for Happy Hour: calories in popular cocktails and bar snacks (Fit Sugar)

• 7 foods to eat for healthy eyes (Organic Authority)

• What’s a calorie? (and other nutrition buzzwords, defined) (That’s Fit)

• 5 reasons why having a plant is better than having a boyfriend (The Frisky)

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