3 Running Lessons From Heidi Klum And David Kirsch

It’s no secret that Heidi Klum and David Kirsch have a love affair…of sorts: He’s the trainer responsible for getting her into unbelievable shape, even after giving birth, and keeping her that way with his tough, targeted workouts. And since she launched her own AOL channel, he’s also been helping her own with the mission of getting her readers (and friends) in shape with her Heidi Klum Summer Run program.

Her program is designed to get readers tracking their daily mileage, with the grand goal of 100,000 miles total by the end of summer (that’s for all parties involved, not per individual). You might think that running is pretty straightforward, but Heidi and David have reminded us of some surprisingly valuable lessons that every runner could stand to brush up on:

  1. Get a Running Buddy – Heidi’s been photographed with celebrity running buddies like Kim Kardashian, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, and Coco Rocha. While not all running buddies can offer the same PR opps, the power of having someone to hold you accountable–and the fun of having someone else to share your runs with–is valuable for every runner.
  2. Balance Your Routine – Running every day is a lofty goal, and one that might not even be healthy; Heidi sets a good example by doing yoga, weight training, and other activities to balance out her routine and make sure she doesn’t get injured or burned out from over-training.
  3. Mix Up Your Runs – While some days, all you can really handle is a 30-minute trot before getting on with your day, you’ll get a lot better results if you incorporate different kinds of runs into your routine. Some days, Heidi goes for long runs; others, she does interval training on a treadmill. Heidi and David set a great example with their demo of a simple interval run that you can do on a treadmill:


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