The Body Positive: 10 Healthy Ads With An Unhealthy Body Image

When you consider the amount of time and money that goes into making an ad campaign, it’s amazing certain advertisements make the cut. Especially in the so-called “health”category: Even products that are supposed to make us healthier, cleaner and happier manage to insult us. (Case in point: last week’s new milk-for-PMS campaign pushing the idea that women are irrational monsters who can only be calmed by a half gallon of milk and and an apologetic husband.) One of our biggest pet peeves, though (and one that just so happens to relate to our The Body Positive week here at Blisstree) is the bad body image they promote.

Here are nine more ads, ranging from the mega-offensive to the merely absurd, that prey on women’s body insecurities to push “healthy” products. We’ll be exercising our purchasing power elsewhere…

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    • Peggy
    • Deanna

      To me, the Skinny Cow logo is creepy! It looks like an anorexic cow!
      Have we gotten so phobic that we can’t accept photos of cows at their regular, healthy weight?

      • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

        Yeah, plus it’s WEARING LIPSTICK. Ugh.

    • adan

      these are funny ;-) though it did take me a couple of pictures to see the text below the image and “get” it ;-)

    • Kathleen

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks “Skinny Cow” is a friggin horrorshow…

    • Rebecca

      Yeah, okay, I totally agree with you about the exploitative way that poor body-image is used against women to bully them into buying crap.

      But I totally laughed at that tuna ad.

    • Chloe

      Get over it. The ad in Thailand was about bloating. Quit looking for silly reasons to be upset.

      • Mallorie

        So, you’re saying that the low-fat tuna ad is to help bloating? The belly fat image is not what they are trying to emphasize? Of course people would take offense to an ad like this. It’s implying that women are only desirable if they’re thin and have no belly fat. Or that they should take extreme measures to hide it. I think you should consider other people besides yourself.